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Life after JLPT N1

A few weeks ago I anx­ious­ly logged onto the JLPT web­site to check my N1 result. I passed! Great! Now what? The long jour­ney towards flu­en­cy is now over, right? Not even close. I still come across new words and phras­es on a dai­ly basis. I spend more time study­ing (or rather, being exposed to) Japan­ese than ever before. The jour­ney has only but begun!

Recent­ly I have been invest­ing a lot of time into read­ing native mate­r­i­al. Read­ing Japan­ese (print) books has always been a pain for me. Look­ing up unknown words/kanji can be dif­fi­cult if you are not sure how to write them. You can quick­ly lose moti­va­tion if you stum­ble into a string of new words. Is there a bet­ter way?

Enter the Kin­dle app (I’m read­ing on a Nexus 7). If you long-press over any word a pop­up will appear with the read­ing and def­i­n­i­tion (in Japan­ese). If that is not enough, you can also eas­i­ly copy words/phrases into any oth­er app of your choos­ing (e.g. oth­er dic­tio­nar­ies, Anki, etc.). High­light­ing words will cre­ate a book­mark allow­ing you to view them again in con­text lat­er. I usu­al­ly do this for all new words and phras­es. The Kin­dle app makes read­ing Japan­ese a much more pleas­ant expe­ri­ence!

Ama­zon Japan has a large selec­tion of both dig­i­tal­ized nov­els and man­ga. I enjoyed read­ing 雨の日も、晴れ男 (a nov­el) and 日本人の知らない日本語 (man­ga). I have been try­ing to read for about 1 hour every­day before bed — a mod­est tar­get that hope­ful­ly ensures I won’t burn out. I think eBooks are great for non-native speak­ers — give it a try!

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