Tokyo Android Meetup Talk

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I’m a mem­ber of the Tokyo Android Meet­up group — we meet about once a month and dis­cuss var­i­ous Android devel­op­ment top­ics. It is a fair­ly casu­al and friend­ly affair, and I rec­om­mend it to any­one in Tokyo even vague­ly inter­est­ed in Android devel­op­ment. We most­ly speak in Eng­lish, but Japan­ese speak­ers are also very wel­come!

Last week I gave a pre­sen­ta­tion on the Android Sup­port Library. When research­ing for this talk, I was sur­prised at how use­ful the sup­port libraries are even for projects tar­get­ing Android 4.0 and above. It was also inter­est­ing to see how some of the fea­tures have their roots in open-source, com­mu­ni­ty projects which have exist­ed for a long time before appear­ing in the sup­port library.

I have made the slides avail­able on Slid­eDeck:

I also made some small code sam­ples for each of the top­ics I talked about, avail­able on GitHub.

The expe­ri­ence was very reward­ing — I had to first orga­nize the con­tent in a coher­ent way in my own mind before being able to explain it to oth­ers. Teach­ing, it seems, is a very good way to learn! I hope to have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to present anoth­er top­ic in the future.

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