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I have been working with Android ever since v1.0 was released. I like to answer Android-related questions on StackOverflow (profile). Here are some of the apps I have worked on:

Juliet – Mobile Mirror Shopping Assistant

Juliet was a group project undertaken during my second year at Cambridge. We formed a team of 5 and had about 2 months to build a system according one of the available proposals.

The idea was to build an application to help users shop for clothes. While in a store, the user could scan a tag and the app would then show an image of the user wearing that item. The app alleviated the need to use a changing room and gave the user a way to quickly see how different combinations of items would look together. The app targeted Android 1.0 and the barcode scanning was performed via the Zxing library.

Calorie Counting for Nerds

For my final year dissertation, I integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) into an Android app and investigated factors affecting the speed and accuracy of recognition. The app used OCR to read nutritional data from images of food labels allowing you to easily create a diary/log of things that you have eaten and their nutritional value. I focused on the GDA food labels commonly found in UK.

The app targeted Android 1.5 and used the Tesseract OCR engine via NDK.

Colour Blend

Colour Blend was a personal project started in Autumn 2010. It was an app to help colour-blind people identify colours in the world around them. The user could point the camera viewfinder at an object and the app would display the colour in words. The app also included an Ishihara Colour Blindness Test.


Main Page | Google Play Page

IG Index

I joined IG Index when their Android app was still in its early, pre-release stages. I was in a team with about 6 Android Engineers and we worked to build the Spreadbet and CFD (Contract for Differences) trading apps. Using the apps, users can analyze market trends and open, edit and close financial positions (derivatives trading).

The app had over 10 different localizations and worked across a very wide spectrum of devices (Android 1.6+, small-xlarge devices, both portrait and landscape). The app used Lightstreamer for real-time push messages showing the user multiple price updates per second.


Main Site | Google Play Page


I joined Cerego and took over development of the Android iKnow! app as the primary Android Developer. iKnow! is a language-learning platform based on spaced repetition. It was formally known as The main target market is Japanese speakers learning English, but there is also support for other language combinations (English speakers learning Japanese, Spanish/Portuguese speakers learning English). There were also several white-label versions created out of partnerships with Yahoo! Japan and Softbank.

iKnow! features robust offline capabilities, with the entire learning session taking place offline once the initial load has completed. Results will be uploaded and synced the next time an Internet connection is available.


Main Site | Google Play Page

TfL Travel Alerts

TfL Travel Alerts is an open-source Android project developed with my friend Pedro Loureiro. The app is for users of Transport for London. It allows you to view line status information and set custom travel alerts notifying you when your particular route is disrupted in any way. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is used to deliver the notifications.


Main Page | Google Play Page | Github Page


Origami is a social shopping app that allows you to follow your favorite brands/shops and receive information about new products or promotions. You can also follow other Origami users and see which products they have liked. Products can be purchased directly from the app.

I joined Origami and developed the Android app from scratch. I aimed to include all of the features of the iOS app but with Android-specific presentation and delivery. Since its released, it has been featured on Google Play several times (App of the week, Essential apps, Christmas apps, Hot Apps in 2014).


Main Site | Google Play Page

Before The Filter

I took part in Photo Hack Day Japan and teamed up with Benjamin Watanabe to build a photo-related app. Before The Filter is an app to teach people about fundamental principles in photography using text, images and camera overlays. It uses the Aviary Android SDK for photo editing capabilities. We won the price for the best use of the Aviary API and second best overall hack.

Before The Filter

The Bridge article | Google Play Page

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